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Valorant Players Find Game-Breaking Exploits on New Map Abyss

Players Discover Game-Breaking Glitches on New Valorant Abyss Map

Only a couple of days have passed since the release of Abyss, Valorant’s newest addition to its ever-expanding map pool, and fans have already managed to find multiple game-breaking exploits that can potentially be abused to get an unfair advantage on the Attacking side.

Due to the increased verticality and numerous sneaky corners, Abyss can be considered a somewhat Defender-sided map. However, if Riot doesn’t address these exploits before its addition to the competitive map pool, the balance could easily shift in favor of the Attacking side.

The exploit in question allows certain Agents, such as Phoenix and Yoru, to survive falls beneath the map that should otherwise be lethal. This is achieved by using their abilities—specifically, Phoenix’s Run It Back (X) and Yoru’s Gatecrash (E)—just before hitting the ground.

If done correctly, the Agents can survive the fall and move freely below the map, which should normally be impossible for all Agents in the game.

Now if the Attackers plant the Spike on the A-Site near the edge of the bridge connecting the two halves of the site, Agents exploiting this glitch can easily defend the Spike by shooting through the floor from below.

Needless to say, most Valorant fans aren’t happy with this glitch and are urging Riot Games to address this issue before adding Abyss to the competitive map rotation. For the uninitiated, Abyss will be added to the ranked map pool of the shooter with the upcoming Episode 9 update.

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