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FallMania: The first Fall Guys tournament with $5,000 top prize

FallMania is scheduled to take place from August 27th.


It has been only a few weeks since the release of Fall Guys, and the “massively multiplayer party game” has already won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Although Fall Guys was initially seen as a casual game to have fun, it seems like things are taking a more competitive approach, as the first fall guys tournament has been announced with massive prize money of $5,000 on each round.

FallMania is set to be a streamers-only invitational tournament for Fall Guys. It will take place on August 27th and will have multiple events.

While it’s still unclear how many events will exactly be organized, each event will have a prize money of $5,000 up for grabs.

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The event can be seen live here.

The popularity of Fall Guys has skyrocketed since the last few days. The reason behind this lies primarily in the fact that the game has been picked up by popular twitch streamers like xQc, moistcr1tikal and TimTheTatman. Not to mention the unique gameplay mechanics of Fall Guys in itself has attracted hundreds of thousands of fans to it.

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