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Fall Guys

Fall Guys Source Code Leaked

In what can easily be regarded as one of the biggest blunders any video game company can ever make, Mediatonic has accidentally leaked the...

Fall Guys x DOOM Crossover update coming on January 12

Fans of DOOM rejoice as the characters from their favorite series are on their way towards Fall Guys world as exclusive Costumes.

Fall Guys Ninja skin is available now

Are you a Ninja fan? If yes, you can buy the Ninja Fall Guys Costume from the item shop for 10 crowns from today. If...

What is Gauntlet Showdown mode in Fall Guys season 2?

Mediatonic, the publisher of Fall Guys, one of the most popular games of this year, has launched a brand new game mode called Gauntlet...

Fall guys anatomy revealed

Fall Guys reveal the character's anatomy and its confirmed as the official Lore.

How to Report Hackers in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout?

Fall Guys is not completely clean in terms of cheaters and if you face one, you can follow this simple guide to report them so that they won't escape the banhammer.

Hackers have now taken over the new Battle Royale Fall Guys

The cheats used in Fall Guys include speed hack, flying and moving straight through walls.

How to play Fall Guys on Mobile using Steam Link

Fall Guys is not officially out on mobile devices but by following this method, you can temporarily enjoy it on your phone.

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