Fall guys anatomy revealed

Fall Guys Anatomy

Fall Guys and its surge was witnessed by everyone in the gaming community around the world. The game made a name for itself with its uniquely simple and sophisticated character design that fitted the game’s classy retro-feeling play style. The character may look like a happy jellybean from the outside but Fall Guys has revealed a disgusting anatomy of that character.

Fall Guys revealed that their characters are actually six feet tall with a weird bone structure and even weirder skull placement. The neck and leg structure looks similar to any bird but has a human skull with eyes coming out of the socket to fit the jelly-like facial structure.

Fall Guys’ social media channel was very active among the community and several times, they actively took part in small activities. The twitter account even taunted TimTheTatman when he could not get a win in their game. After receiving mixed comments from the community over the absurd innards of their character, Fall Guys release another anatomical representation that is subtle than the earlier one.

Whether it was a planned campaign to revive their active player base as Among Us gets ahead of Fall Guys or it was just a post that was meant to be a joke but became viral, we will not know but one thing is certain, Fall Guys managed to catch the attention of their audience with such an amusing concept of anatomy.