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‘Among Us’ Surpasses ‘Fall Guys’ in Player Count

With a daily concurrent peak of over 300,000 players, Among Us is the newest trend in the video game world.

Over the past few weeks, the hype surrounding Mediatonic’s Fall Guys seems to have shifted towards Among Us, the online party game of stealth and deception. The cross-platform multiplayer game which was released in 15th June, 2018 didn’t gain much traction since recently, when it was picked up by multiple popular streamers and rapidly increased in popularity as its player base kept ascending.

Both Among Us and Fall Guys are online multiplayer party games, with the former supporting local gameplay over WiFi with upto 10 players.

The gameplay of Among Us is unique, yet enjoyable. Players are assigned with either of two roles – imposters or crewmates. Imposters have to secretly kill all the crewmates while the latter try to complete tasks throughout the map. Crewmates can win by either accomplishing all the tasks or by eliminating the imposters.

Fall Guys, on the other hand, is a nonviolent battle royale where 60 players are part of a game show and have to play through several rounds consisting of various minigames, with a number of players being eliminated each round, till a single player remains.

According to the Steam charts, the daily player averages of Fall Guys has decreased dramatically in the last couple of weeks while that of Among Us has received a huge boost.

Among Us currently is the third-most played game on Steam, with a peak concurrent player count of over 300,000 players. Fall Guys stands at #8, with a concurrent player peak of just over 170k.

The difference was also reflected on Twitch. Among Us constantly maintained its place towards the top of the Twitch charts with an average viewer count much more than that of Fall Guys on the streaming platform.

However, it might just be a matter of time before Fall Guys returns to the top of the charts, with season 2 of the game being just around the corner. The season 2 of Fall Guys is set to bring new minigames, new outfits and new maps to the battle royale, and is expected to arrive at early October this year.

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