Hackers have now taken over the new Battle Royale Fall Guys

The cheats used in Fall Guys include speed hack, flying and moving straight through walls.

fall guys

Fall Guys is the newest attraction in the world of multiplayer video games. Within weeks of its release, the battle royale has managed to win over the internet through its unique gameplay and fun mechanics. The “massively multiplayer party game” is almost always seen leading the Twitch charts in terms of viewer count and is being picked up by hundreds of popular streamers across the platform.

However, it’s important to remember that Fall Guys is still in its early stages as a game, and it appears like some players are exploiting its current vulnerabilities by using a variety of cheats with an aim to win every single game while simultaneously ruining it for the other 59 players of the 60-player Battle Royale.

Unlike other games, Fall Guys is the kind of game where it can almost be impossible to win against cheaters. Practically, your only hope of winning against a cheater is if you manage to eliminate him during the team-based game, and that too can be incredibly difficult to pull off without proper coordination.

Speed hacking means the cheater will breeze through the racing rounds without anyone getting a chance to close the gap, while flying and being able to move through walls ensures that they pass through every survival round in the game.

What makes things worse is that currently, a cheater can’t automatically be banned mid-game. It was confirmed by the devs themselves through a tweet. However, they have also assured fans that they’re planning to start taking more “immediate action” in the near future.