Fall Guys Season 2 Update – Everything You Need To Know

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Nowadays, Fall Guys is one of the most famous battle royale game. Moreover, the new Fall Guys Season 2 is now available on PC and PS4. What’s in the new Season 2 update? Let’s check it out!

Fall Guys Season 2 update

In this new update, you can unlock new items such as costumes and emotes. A lot of new dresses will be there for you. Moreover, there will be numerous new rounds to the game.

Fall Guys has become so famous that it follows during each round, and the basic controls make it too available. You just need to stress over running, hopping, and getting your way through various occasions.

The new Fall Guys Season 2 update carries four new levels to the hysterical out of control situation. Knight Fever, Wall Guys, Egg Siege, and Hoopsie Legends all make their presentation and each offers a particular new test for players to appreciate. According to the developer, Knight Fever is the hardest gauntlet level.

The new season will feature the same amount of tiers for players to unlock as the first season. What else! This season pass is free as well. You can win two unique currencies in Fall Guys which are Kudos and Crowns. Kudos are compensated much of the time for just playing the game. Crowns go about as the game’s excellent cash which is just given out by being the last player standing, otherwise earned from specific levels.

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