Genshin Impact lovers are quite hyped with Childe. Childe is one of the Fatui’s Eleven Fatui Harbingers who went to Liyue to head the subsidizing for the city’s funds. He was first found in the second Closed beta test however was not accessible as a playable character. Basically, he initially shows up inside Act 1 of Chapter 1.

Childe’s Profile

Childe has short, uneven orange hair and blue eyes. He wears a veil pulled out of the way of his head. He likewise wears a battered red scarf. Childe wears a dim coat, dim jeans, and dark boots. His coat is open on one side to uncover a belt with his hydro vision joined.

childe genshin impact

Childe’s Personality

Childe portrays himself as “sort of a miscreant, however not here to give the Traveler any difficulty”. He is by all accounts well-intentioned and bright and has expressed that while he’s an individual from the Fatui he isn’t a devotee of La Signora. He hops in to spare the Traveler and Paimon after the pair is going to be gotten by gatekeepers, and offers the Traveler guidance on where to go straight away.

Childe’s Ability

Attribute: Hydro

Weapon: Bow

Type: ???

Skill: Stance Change (allows him to type ranged or close and his ultimate attack changes depending on his fighting style)

Constellation: ???

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