Dreamhack to use Vertigo at Rio event

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The Swedish giants Dreamhack on Friday announced that they will be using the latest update of CS:GO in the upcoming Dreamhack Open Rio Event, which is stated to start on April 19,2019.

The latest update brings in changes to the active map pool, removing Cache and replacing it with Vertigo. Although this update has rather met with disapproval from fans and pros overall, saying that the map isn’t ready to be played actively and needs significant changes. It is yet to be seen how Valve will be taking on the feedback that the community and pros are providing for Vertigo, but one thing is sure that Valve will be going forward with this approach and won’t be removing Vertigo anytime soon.

The team list for the tournament currently looks as follows:

  • [flag=br] Furia
  • [flag=br] Sharks
  • [flag=br] Luminosity
  • [flag=kz] Avangar
  • [flag=rs] Valiance
  • [flag=pl] AGO
  • [flag=us] eUNITED
  • [flag=br] South America qualifier

Dreamhack will be first tournament organisers to include the updated Active map pool in their tournaments, starting with Dreamhack Open Rio. This gives teams almost 3weeks to prepare for Vertigo.

Photo: HLTV

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