Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Mousesports edge past Valiance; win The Grand Final of DreamHack Open Tours 2019

The Grand Final of DreamHack Open Tours 2019 was played between Mouz and Valiance. The Best of Three series saw mouz take...

G2 Esports, mousesports invited to DreamHack Open Tours 2019

DreamHack Open Tours 2019 will be held from May 17-19 at Exhibition Center of Tours, France with $100,000 USD on the stake....

DreamHack announces non-exclusive partnership with streaming platform Caffeine

One of the world's largest esports event organizer DreamHack has announced a partnership with streaming platform Caffeine, the company said in a...

DreamHack Masters Malmo announced; to have $250,000 prize pool

The second DreamHack Masters of the year will be hosted at Malmo, the first being DreamHack Masters Dallas which is set to...

Dreamhack to use Vertigo at Rio event

The Swedish giants Dreamhack on Friday announced that they will be using the latest update of CS:GO in the upcoming Dreamhack Open Rio Event,...

Dreamhack Open Atlanta 2018 Schedule Announced

Happy and co from Vitality are set to Debut on LAN as the full Schedule of Dreamhack Atlanta has been announced. The Tier 2 tournament...

DreamHack Masters Stockholm with $250,000

DreamHack has announced its first Masters event of the year 2018, to take place in Stockholm, Capital of Sweden. The event basically is a partnership...

Immortals penalized with a map in grand finals of DreamHack Open Montreal 2017

DreamHack had issued an official statement on the delay by Immortals. And according to their statement, the DreamHack team reminded Immortals of their match...

G2 beat North to win DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017

DreamHack Malmo Masters 2017 had its moment in the five-day phenomenal festival for the CSGO fans. The fans were excited to see multiple teams...

DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017 – Quarter finals draw

The three days at DreamHack Masters Malmo concluded. Two teams from each group made it to the quarter finals. The $250,000 event had a...

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