Which Rank Plays CSGO The Most in 2022?

Leetify’s data has some interesting results.

csgo ranking system

CSGO Matchmaking is the first step to getting better for most players. Being the Premier First Person Shooter, with a not so hard learning curve, CSGO has had a high number of players consistently playing the game.

As per steamcharts, the game averages close to 650k players in the last 2 months, with a peak of over 990k players – no mean feat for a game that is going to be 10 years old this August.

Most players turn to CSGO MM or competitive matchmaking to get better and rank up in the game. Having a good rank is a matter of pride for every new player, and the grind for it makes it all worthwhile.  

Of course ranks play a big part in CSGO, but which rank plays the most competitive CSGO Matchmaking in 2022? Leetify has the answer.

According to the stats provided by Leetify, Silver Elite Master or SEM ranked players play the most competitive ranked games in CSGO, averaging 16.2 games each month. It is closely followed by Gold Nova 1 and Gold Nova 2 ranks with both playing 16.1 games each month.

The trend moves upwards as we go from Silver 1 to Silver Elite Master but the trajectory moves consistently downwards once we cross the SEM rank mark.

As players tend to rank up more and more – moving to Master Guardian, then Legendary Eagle and so on, they play fewer and fewer games.

Your average Global Elite – the highest rank in CSGO plays 6.8 competitive matches. The answer as to why high ranking players don’t play matchmaking a lot is quite simple.

After getting to a high enough rank, the skill gap is very small and so is the high ranking player base, and it also gives a sense of achievement once you get to the high ranks.

Players also tend to move away from regular CSGO MM and turn to third party services such as Faceit, ESEA, GamersClub and 5E Arena etc. to play with other high ranked players. This is mainly due to the influx of cheaters in MM as well as 10 year old 64-tick servers which can be bothersome. 

Third party services have better Anti cheats, 128 tick servers and a large player base as well making it even more enjoyable to play than regular matchmaking.

Despite the trend going downwards in the number of games played, the number of hours players spend in CSGO is almost the same throughout. Gold Nova Masters play the game the most, averaging 62.7 hours per month, followed by Master Guardian 2 and then Master Guardian 1. 

Global Elites and Supreme Master First Class players average 58 hours as well, but this is mainly for warm up routines such as FFA DMs, aim_botz and playing Competitive games on third party services like Faceit.

Faceit consistently updates their system to make it a better experience for all players, unlike matchmaking which gets very few updates gameplay-wise, hence more players tend to turn to Faceit and ESEA to have a better shot at improving and playing against legitimate players and not cheaters.