Faceit Introduces New Feature to Block Toxic Players From CSGO Games

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CSGO matchmaking service – Faceit has introduced a new update with multiple features. The most notable one of these is the option to BLOCK toxic players.

With the launch of this feature, users can now block players that they played with or against, and will never meet them in a game again.

CSGO MM has been secondary for quite some time now as players who want a better and smoother CSGO experience, turn to third party services such as Faceit and ESEA to play games on their servers.

The servers are 128 tick, with their own Anti-cheat, not dependent on Valve’s VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) and different skill groups as well.

As of late, Faceit has received a lot of flak, for allowing rampant smurf accounts, griefers and toxic players who consistently ruin the experience. This problem has been highlighted in the past as well by popular CSGO streamer fl0m.

It seems Faceit paid attention to the issues raised by the community and has now implemented this feature. 

The blocking feature is available for Faceit Premium and game subscribers, in all regions. By making use of this feature, players will not queue up with or be matched with blocked players.

To prevent abuse of this feature, Premium subscribers will get to ban 5 players per month while game subscribers will get 3. 

Valve had already introduced an automatic mute feature against players who had multiple reports of griefing and abusive voice communication.

When players joined a game, they were automatically muted and their teammates would have to manually unmute them to hear them.

Faceit has taken this one step further and added a block option so players will not match up or be randomly queued with toxic and abusive players.

The blocklist can be edited, with the add or remove option as per the players’ will.

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