Renegades and MIBR Knocked Out of IEM Katowice 2022

They join Wisla Krakow and Sprout, who were eliminated on the first day.

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Australian CSGO team Renegades were eliminated from IEM Katowice 2022 after their lower bracket loss to Entropiq. Entropiq will go on to face MOUZ later today, for a spot at IEM Katowice 2022 Group Stages. MIBR were also knocked out by Movistar Riders in their game after the Brazilians found themselves in the lower bracket courtesy of the opening round loss to Astralis. Movistar Riders will play NiP in the lower bracket as well for a Group Stage Berth at Katowice.




After a promising start to their campaign vs OG, Renegades crumbled at the final step and OG bounced back to take it to overtime and finally win it out. Entropiq always had the upper hand, being much more experienced in tier 1 as well as being together as a roster for more than 1 year, something that hasn’t been very common to see in CSGO teams. Renegades didn’t look comfortable at all on their pick of Nuke and could only manage 3 T rounds as Entropiq locked down the yard and the A bombsite with ease. A 12-3 deficit was difficult to come back from and despite getting 3 CT rounds, it was a mountain that the Aussies couldn’t climb as the map ended 16-6 in the CIS side’s favor.

Entropiq looked as comfortable as ever on their pick of ancient. Known for being CT-sided, the Russians made it look like anything but that as they found 10 T side rounds, as only AWPer aliStair could keep up with El1an and Krad’s domination. Once they were on the T side, the boys from Down Under couldn’t get anything done and Entropiq’s experience showed through and through as they took the map with ease, 16-5.




The Movistar and MIBR game on ancient showed just how CT-sided it is. The Spaniards started on the CT side and made minced meat of MIBR. MIBR almost always lost a player on their defaults and were never allowed to take any map control whatsoever with relentless aggression from Movistar. A 13-2 half saw MIBR reeling but they came back with 4 of their own to start their defense. 

Movistar needed only 3 and although they couldn’t get a streak of rounds going, their 13-2 cushion meant they didn’t need a dominant T side, and just a par one would do. The map ended 16-10 in Movistar’s favor.

Inferno was chosen by Movistar as their home map and MIBR went toe to toe with them on the CT side, the Brazilian CSGO side led the half throughout but stumbled at the end when the Spanish found 3  consecutive rounds to end the half 8-7 in their favor.

The T side was dismal for MIBR yet again and they could only find a single round as SunPayus and co. put on a stellar defense on the A bombsite. An odd round for MIBR saw the game end 16-8 in Movistar’s favor.


MOUZ vs Entropiq – 00:00 IST 

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Movistar Riders – 00:00 IST

Entropiq will vie with MOUZ for a spot at IEM Katowice 2022, after MOUZ fell just short vs FaZe Clan. NiP were handed a beating vs CPF and will look to bounce back vs Movistar, even though they are missing their star AWPer dev1ce.

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