FaZe Clan Reach IEM Katowice 2022 Main Event

The roster making their debut won out vs MOUZ in the upper bracket.

faze clan vs mouz

FaZe Clan overran MOUZ in their upper bracket final to make it to IEM Katowice 2022 Group Stages. They won 2-1 in a Bo3 that went the distance but it was karrigan and co. that reigned supreme. MOUZ with stand-in JDC and FaZe with jks were evenly matched until the end but the experience from jks prevailed to send his team through to the main event. It is likely that ropz will return in the group stages of IEM katowice 2022 based on his earlier statement, granted he tests negative.


  • MOUZ removed Overpass
  • FaZe removed Vertigo
  • MOUZ picked Nuke
  • FaZe picked Inferno
  • MOUZ removed Dust2
  • FaZe removed Ancient
  • Mirage was left over

MAP 1: NUKE (MOUZ 16-7 FaZe Clan)

Carrying on their sizzling form from their first Bo1, MOUZ chose to go with Nuke again. The attack was headed by newly promoted AWPer torszi, surprising on the T side of Nuke but the rookie made it work. He found 17 kills on the T side after a closely contested start, MOUZ took the game by the reins. They found a streak of 6 after being down 4-3 to end the half with 9 T rounds compared to FaZe’s 6. FaZe found it difficult to keep the momentum as they too were playing with a stand-in, jks for ropz.

On the T side, things worsened for FaZe. They only found 1 T round and MOUZ took total control of the map and ended things swiftly 16-7, with IGL dexter going ham towards the end.

MAP 2: INFERNO (MOUZ 10-16 FaZe Clan)

On FaZe’s map pick, it was their turn to show their T side strength, led by karrigan. Twistzz and karrigan found a huge impact on the entries and the story was similar to that of MOUZ on Nuke. MOUZ didn’t have control of the CT side and with a shaky economy, they could only find 6 CT rounds.

After the switch FaZe looked even more comfortable as they posted 4 more and the scoreline read 14-6 in their favor. But inspired shooting from NBK-, who had had a quiet game helped them push through to get things more competitive. But FaZe needed 2 more rounds and once they stabilized the money, it was all over at 16-10.

MAP 3: MIRAGE (MOUZ 16-  FaZe Clan)

On the decider, FaZe started on the T side. Unlike the last two maps, Mirage was a very brawly affair. Both teams gave it their all as they went back and forth. With an eco win in the 13th round, courtesy of a torzsi 3K,  FaZe looked as though they might be trailing by a lot but a karrigan 1v2 at the end saw them end the half with just 1 round difference at 7-8.

The T side from MOUZ started off great with a run of 4 but FaZe bounced right back and it was the stand-in in the form of jks that popped off on the defense. He found mutli-kill after multi-kill to take the score to 14-11 in their favor. MOUZ bounced back yet again and another 1v2 from rookie torzsi as he reached 30 kills put MOUZ at 13 and then to 14.

At the final hurdle MOUZ crumbled as FaZe won the last two to end the game 16-14 and reach IEM Katowice 2022 Main event.