AMD Skyesports Grandslam 2022 Grand Finals is into its last phase and a team has been disqualified amid the event. Team Nugget, one of the finalist teams in the Skyesports Grandslam got disqualified just before the commencement of the last day. One of the players named TNxNugget has been banned during the day 6 match 6 of the grand finals. The ban was captured live while the players were in-game.

While the management contacted the team to know the reason behind this ban, the team failed to provide proper proof against the issue and the point of view (POV) recording of the player. As a result, the management decided to disqualify the team effective immediately. Also, the players will not be allowed to participate in any of the upcoming Skyesports events for the next three months.

Team Nugget was one of the teams that made it through the qualifying rounds in the AMD Skyesports Grandslam 2022. After the completion of six days, the team stood at the 11th spot in the overall standing with 227 total points.

Presently, Team XO is leading the overall standings with 381 points followed by the newly formed Team Soul at the second spot with 365 points. Today is the last day of the grand finals where each team will play a total of 6 matches. AMD Skyesports Grandslam 2022 features a prize pool of 15,00,000 INR where the winning team will take home 8,00,000 INR as the reward.