PGL Stockholm Major is closer to happening and most restrictions are lifted

PGL Stockholm Major avicii arena

The Swedish Public Health Agency, in a press conference earlier today shed light on new developments that were music to CSGO fans.

Swedish Minister of Culture and Democracy Amanda Lind, said that the COVID-19 restrictions that were in place until now will be reduced come September 29. This comes as a sigh of relief as there was a huge shadow of doubt on whether the Major will even happen or not.

The removal of these restrictions also allows venues to host Public gatherings such as concerts and other events with 15,000 people present. Such an atmosphere is perfect for a CSGO Major as the event thrives on the fans and their explosive support.

With IEM Fall RMR on the horizon, which is also set to take place on LAN in Stockholm, the news couldn’t have come at a better time. The Swedish Government already relaxed the restrictions surrounding the entry for players from other countries when NiP CEO, Hicham Chahine, along with lawyers fought to include esports players under the label of Athletes, so they could be granted their visas for the Major.

Since a Major includes teams from every continent bar Antarctica of course, this is welcome news for PGL and Valve as well.

The full list of restrictions being lifted is as follows:

  • Restrictions on participation in public gatherings and public events in the Restrictions Ordinance will be removed. The exception is events with over 15,000 participants.
  • The participation restriction for private gatherings held in premises, areas or spaces for rent is removed.
  • Indoor concerts at restaurants are allowed.
  • The Swedish Public Health Agency’s advice on working from home is removed.
  • In restaurants, regulations on opening hours, restrictions on the size of parties and distances between tables are abolished.

The Ericsson Globe, which is now the Avicii Arena (in memory of the late singer) can hold up to 16,000 people so one can assume that it will be filled to the brim with CSGO fans once the limit is changed to 15,000 on September 29th

IEM Fall RMR coincidentally starts on September 29th and will be a LAN event for the EU teams, while the Major is scheduled for 23rd October 2021.

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