CS_Summit 5 was OG’s first tournament after their lineup got introduced. Although the fans were cheering up for this new roster, they couldn’t live up to the expectations at CS_SUMMIT 5 as Mousesports were the one to take both the victories at CS_Summit 5 during the Debut Match. For both these matches, “NaToSaphiX” played instead of “woxic” as he could not attend the event due to visa-related issues.

First Map [Mirage] : Mousesports 16 – 8 OG

Mirage was OG’s map of choice followed by the ban of Vertigo and Train by Mousesports.

Although OG was successfully able to take control of the site and get the bomb planted for 6 rounds, they were unable to take the rounds in their favour. Afterwards, they were able to get some rounds to finish with the scoreline 6-9, in favour of mousesports.

On the Counter-Terrorist Side, ISSAA was able to get a triple kill with the USP but except for another round afterwards, they couldn’t convert any more into their favour.

Second Map [Dust 2] : Mousesports 16 – 14 OG

For this map, Mousesports were the terrorists at the start of the game. Even though OG’s performance was not upto the mark in Mirage, they were doing very well and the scoreline was equal for both the teams just before the match point. After both teams had 14 points in favour of both the teams, Mousesports were able to close the map after a successful retake followed by a strong hold on A-Site by NaToSaphiX.

In the end, Mousesports kick started CS_Summit 5 by winning both the matches against OG with the scoreline of 16-8 and 16-14 on Mirage and Dust 2 respectively.


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