Minecraft Player Builds CSGO Map Mirage in Minecraft Resembling Source 2

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Mirage is the only map in CSGO that has been present at every Major, and the tradition will continue yet again as it is part of the map pool at PGL Antwerp Major. The simplistic play style and easy to learn defaults, make it a community favorite at times, albeit overplayed.

Like other iconic plays and moments, such as s1mple’s god-like 1v2 on Cache which was recreated in Minecraft, a player by the name of SediSeege31 has created Mirage in Minecraft in all its glory.

First posted to reddit on 31st April, the map has been rendered in Minecraft, and copies the original de_mirage’s style as best it could. The appropriate lighting has been added, alongside the shadows as well as textures to replicate Mirage in its truest form.

In most reworks of Mirage, as seen on the Steam community workshop, artists are usually unable to replicate the intricate textures and the lighting correctly but SediSeege31 has done that incredibly well.

According to the comments, it took them about 1 month to make and render this map in Minecraft. 

A mod called Chisels and Bits was used to add smaller blocks and other minute details to the map as regular minecraft makes it very difficult to make an exact copy of Mirage, since the block size is much larger.

But sadly, this version of Mirage isn’t playable, as it is not available on the Steam Community Workshop.

It has been made and rendered in Minecraft, so it is only available for viewing but not for playing CSGO. Other minecraft versions of CSGO maps though, can be ffound on the workshop and are fully playable.

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