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May 2022: The best Fortnite Deathrun map codes for Creative mode

Since Fortnite’s creative mode allowed users to gain experience, more and more people have started coming on to take advantage of the chance. The Deathrun category in Fortnite Creative is one of the most popular creative activities, in which players attempt to complete a level of increasing difficulty.

Because they do not need gunplay skills, these levels are the simplest for players to get the most experience. Most levels offer rewards just by playing for a particular length of time and completing specified objectives.

Steps to enter a fun run:

To participate in a specific fun run, start Fortnite and navigate to the mode selection screen. Then go to the “Island Code” page and type in the code for the fun run you want to take part in. The mode you wish to join should appear after that, and you may opt to load into the game right away.

Chica fun run

Chica is the newest content creator to receive a skin, and Fortnite is celebrating in style. Fortnite has announced a fun run where players can earn new goals in addition to the Chica Cup, where players may unlock the skin early.

Island Code: 8432-7199-6378

Toxic Deathrun

This is presently one of Epic’s top picks for the best Fortnite creative levels. To advance to the next level in this deathrun, players must work their way through a few hazardous clouds. At the end of each of the ten levels, players can obtain an experience award.

Island Code: 8124-1560-5578

Parkour Fun Run

This vibrant run game is presently Fortnite Creative’s third most popular game. Players from all around the globe are attempting to attain the top level of 500. The ridiculous amount of experience on this level will satisfy those in need of it.

Island Code: 1387-7831-4752

100 Level Default Deathrun – 4056-1695-2605

Some of the mentions that are worth checking out are :

21 Level Skyline Run – 3759-6687-0977

Spy Games Deathrun – 6302-2233-2728

Ghost Train Deathrun – 2374-3274-1094

More Wacky Ways To Die – 9650-8149-3607

Tumble Lads – 5361-9496-2479

Fishstick’s Adventure Deathrun – 0268-5437-7911

The 1 Minute Deathrun – 3009-5833-7847

Storm Runners – 3632-0591-6558

Rainbow Fun Run Deathrun – 4493-1357-2023

Jesgran’s Deathrun 2.0 – 1103-0256-3362

The Void – 7373-1875-6620

Dread Pirate Jonesy’s Deathrun – 4948-4770-3389

Boro’s Mixed Level Deathrun – 4073-8000-3287

Sasuke (AKA Ninja Warrior) Deathrun – 9547-6268-3056

The larger creative community is continually updating Fortnite with new Fun Runs and deathruns. These levels are perfect for gaining experience and testing your movement precision.

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