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EG Awarded Free Win after Triumph Player ‘xCeed’ Sleeps Through IEM Fall Match

In a rather odd and unexpected affair, Evil Geniuses were awarded a free win after Triumph forfeited their game due to not being able to field an eligible roster. Triumph could not field their full roster as Jack ‘xCeeD’ Holiman was sleeping when the game was supposed to be played. Triumph could not use a substitute as they had already been using ‘viz’ in place of ‘bwills’ as a stand-in and Valve doesn’t allow more than 1 substitute for Valve sponsored events.

EG were more than happy to take the win as it set them up for a 2-1r record in their group. But they lost to GODSENT later in the evening and currently sit at 2-2 after 4 games played.

Triumph could have sealed a spot at the Major had they played EG, and their chances were high as EG have 0 wins on it in the last 6 months, and it is Triumph’s best map. Now their chances have dwindled greatly and they’re no longer in control of their fate even if they win their last game. 

Fans and analysts alike were worried about something happening to ‘xCeed’ but it turned out to be nothing except lazy and unprofessional behaviour and received flak from almost everyone.

Triumph did win their next game versus 00Nation and currently have a 2-2 record. Had they played EG and won their chances of making it to the Major would have increased manifold, let’s hope it doesn’t demotivate them and they continue their good performances for the remainder of IEM Fall NA.

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