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CSGO unique player count hits 26.2 million in April, increases 30% in a month

Yet another record has been broken by CSGO.

CSGO has once again outdone itself, and this time it’s the previous monthly unique player count that the competitive shooter has surpassed, that too by a significant margin.

According to their official blog, CSGO has managed to reach a record high of 26.2 million unique players in the month of April 2020, which is about a whopping 30% increase in the unique player count of the game since March.

Apart from the fact that the COVID-19 outbreak has forced people indoors, the main reason behind the rapid increase in player count is the amount of love Valve has shown towards the game recently. They have shipped out constant updates for CSGO, adding weapon skins, new music kits, quality of life changes, weapon fixes and bug fixes to improve the gameplay experience. The devs have given the community what they wanted and the players reciprocated the love by repeatedly setting new milestones.

The influx of new players raining into the game has had an impact in an overlooked sector – the skin economy. The prices of the weapon skins for CSGO on average, has seen a considerable spike in the last month. But it is only expected to increase further, and looks like players can potentially earn a lot of extra cash by hopping onto the hype train.

Two major events for Counter-Strike are scheduled for the near future – Source 2 release and Steam opening its gates to China. Both of these will undoubtedly increase the player count further and by a massive number. This player growth is expected to elevate skin prices even more and current players of the game can find a good opportunity to make some quick profit by investing in weapon skins now.

With the closed-beta release of Riot’s new shooter VALORANT gaining worldwide attention, it appeared like the very existence of CSGO might be in danger. But fans have made it clear that the legendary title by Valve is bound to give VALORANT a run for its money.

Sonu Banerjee
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