New CSGO update adds kill feed icons, 1vs1 arena for Inferno and more

Users were greeted with a 77.6 MB update last morning from Valve for their FPS game CSGO.

Valve has extensively been shipping updates for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive since quite some time. It is not usual though. The developers have shipped yet another update that features subtle delightful additions to the game. The update is approximately sized 75MB.

The update dated 05 March, 2020 includes the addition of kill feed icons – for blind kills, kills through smoke, no-scope kills, kills through wall & domination. These feed icons were used in some of the community servers prior to the update. The update also fixes a bug related to crouch-walking and slutter. This bug has been lingering since ages.

Yet another interesting addition is the enabling of animation blending for chickens. “Animation blending automatically smooths transitions between animations, chickens and prop_dynamics had their animation blending broken, so they would jerk to the next frame instead of smoothly transitioning from the end of the last frame to the new frame,” said a user on Reddit.

The update brings along several minor tweaks to Chlorine alongside 1v1 warmup arena for Inferno in Wingman mode. The developers have fixed various bugs related to crosshair settings and added various stability fixes.

The release notes for 05/04/2020 are available here:


  • Added kill feed icons for blind shooter, kills through smoke, and no scope sniper kills; all kill feed icons feature the bullet on the same line.
  • When spawn immunity time is set to a negative value then spawning players will not have immunity even during the warmup period.
  • Fully disabled player immunity in 1v1 Wingman warmup period arenas, and added logic to clear blood decals for each encounter.
  • sv_pure servers will now kick clients that have loaded asset files into game memory from files not present on the game server filesystem.


  • Fixed showing observed player crosshair in the editor menu.
  • Fixed strings on crosshair import dialog being truncated in some languages.
  • Fixed crosshair codes storing incorrect values for values out of range.


  • Updated third-person pose for G3SG1, and taught Terrorists a better way to hold AUG in the buy menu.
  • To welcome the sunny weather outside, switched main menu movie scenery to Nuke.
  • Added ability to purchase coupon items from Steam Store, e.g. for “StatTrak™ Masterminds Music Kit Box”.
  • The in-game blog will now render in Greek if the game interface is set to the Greek language.
  • Fixed prediction errors occurring sometimes when crouch-walking or in noclip mode as listen, server host.
  • Enabled animation blending for chickens.
  • Updated several agent voice lines for Perfect World version of the game.
  • Optimized textures for separatists player models.
  • Several stability fixes.



  • Tweaked ambient color light to make it bluer– Made bombsite A plant zone bigger
  • Fixed bombstuck spots on A bombsite pillars
  • Removed bamboo fence near CT upper on A bombsite
  • Added bamboo fence near T main on A upper, moving the gap closer to the tank
  • Added bamboo fence near big rock on A upper to cut direct line of sight from CT upper to T main entrance
  • Added light source on lazy river tunnel near CT spawn
  • Added bamboo fence on the back of CT main entrance to A bombsite for better visibility
  • Tweaked textures in lazy river tunnel and connector to make them more vibrant
  • Added light source on B upper
  • Tweaked lazy river texture to make it brighter
  • Added cover for T’s on middle
  • Removed a head peek angle from CT mid to A bombsite
  • Fixed pixel boost on B bombsite
  • Made main lights on B bombsite brighter
  • Fixed see through stairs near CT spawn
  • Fixed wooden door on B being bangable
  • Added bamboo fence near tank on B bombsite
  • Removed water from lazy river at CT spawn
  • – Tweaked sky box to be less purple
  • – Added bambo fences in high traffic areas for better player model contrast
  • – Removed foliage models in some places
  • – Optimization
  • – Updated radar image


  • Added 1v1 warmup arena for Wingman mode