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CSGO surpasses Fortnite in prize money to reclaim its No. 2 spot

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’re probably aware of the time Fortnite overtook CSGO in esports earnings. Back then Fortnite was still a young esport and it being able to surpass CSGO – a well established title in the world of esports – caught many esports enthusiasts off-guard. However, Fortnite couldn’t enjoy the lead for long as it appears that CSGO has reclaimed its #2 spot on the charts within months of losing it.

According to esports earnings, CSGO now holds over a 10 million dollar lead to Fortnite in terms of prize money, bouncing back from the $200k deficit it had back in September 2019. The prize money of the Valve title now stands at an estimated 95,190,049$ while the Epic Games battle royale lags behind at $85,164,796.

It’s undeniable that Valve has shown CSGO a lot of love recently. From constant updates including game improvements and weapon fixes to a new operation and lots of new skins, CSGO has seen it all in the last few months. The community has also reciprocated the love, resulting in an unprecedented increase in playerbase and consequently the prize money of the game.

While CSGO and Fortnite battle it out for the #2 spot, Dota 2 still stands firm at top of the chart with a prize pool of over 223 million dollars, which is heavily influenced by The International – the crowd funded annual tournament for the MOBA by Valve. For reference, The International 2019 single-handedly enjoyed a prize pool of over 34 million dollars.

Sonu Banerjee
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