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CSGO pro Jamppi’s lawsuit against Valve goes horribly wrong

The lawsuit went on for four months before it was revealed that he had sued the wrong Valve Corporations.


Four years ago, CSGO pro Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen had filed a lawsuit against Valve Corporations for a ban which he had received back then. The banlater went on to cause further troubles in his professional career. Recently, it has been brought to light through a statement that the case was filed against the wrong Valve Corporations.

The CSGO pro who’s currently 18-year-old had filed the case against Valve GmbH for mistreatments conducted to him. However, it appears that Valve GmbH is just a small subsidiary of Valve Corporations and has no relevance to CSGO or the actions taken against its players whatsoever. As they have mentioned in their official statement, the case was filed against the wrong company on the wrong grounds.

Considering Jamppi was only a 14-year-old at the time of his ban, the outcome of this incident is indeed tragic from his perspective. However, the time, effort and money that went into this lawsuit are also no small matter.

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The company has also refused to compensate Jamppi for his losses which he had demanded. Olkkonen’s claim for damages caused to him was over 250,000 euros, which Valve GmbH has denied since they claimed that the company can’t be held responsible when a third party tram refuses to enter into a contract with him.

While instances of players filing lawsuits against an organization isn’t rare, a player doing so when he’s only in his early teens certainly is. Many known faces of the CSGO community have also spoken up regarding this, and considering how young Jamppi was at the time of the incident, the frustration is reasonable.

It’s still unclear about what will unravel next in this situation, as more statements from either side are certain to come. Although, at the current state it’s undeniable that things are not looking good for Jamppi.

We, as we’re sure that thousands of other players, will be rooting for Jamppi in this context. The future of such a young talent is at stake here, and a mistake done by his young self shouldn’t be an obstacle in his career.

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