The closed beta stage of Riot Games’ VALORANT was undeniably a groundbreaking success with the competitive shooter reaching an average daily player count as high as 3 million players. Though the initial period of the closed beta saw the game having only an unrated mode for the players to enjoy, an experimental ranked mode was implemented towards the end of it.

However, this ranked mode was short-lived. As soon as the closed beta ended on May 28th, so did the ranked mode for VALORANT. While the game was officially launched worldwide on June 2nd, Riot refrained from launching the ranked mode just yet. They also hadn’t set a specific date on the release of the mode.

Currently, players can enjoy VALORANT on Unrated and Spike Rush modes. Although the unrated mode is barely any different from the ranked mode in terms of gameplay, the competitive atmosphere isn’t quite present.

It appears that the prayers of VALORANT players have finally been answered, as a Riot dev has finally hinted towards the release of the much-anticipated rated mode for VALORANT through a recent tweet.

Zielger has confirmed that the team is actively working on fine-tuning the rated mode before its release and putting the finishing touches to it.” “We’re spending this week putting together that release and making sure it is good,” he mentioned in his tweet.

Chances are that this time, the ranked mode will be a whole lot better than the last time. Eliminating the shortcomings of the previous ranked system is likely the prime aim of VALORANT devs right now. For instance, we had no precise way of determining how close we were to the next (or previous) rank at the time of the closed beta. So, refining it in a way that players can see their progress in between the ranks would be a great start to the new rated mode for VALORANT.