The German organisation returns back to Counter strike after three years by signing a domestic lineup. This organisation had produced brilliant players throughout the years including Johannes ‘tabseN’ Wodarz, Miikka ‘suNny’ Kemppi and Kevin ‘kRystal’ Amend. 

Penta sold their two main players ‘sunNy’ and Kevin ‘HS’ Tarn and had cut ties with the remaining roster back in 2017. After being absent from the scene for so long, they have announced the signing of the former EURONICS core. The team consists of young players who have limited international experience but have a lot to prove in the scene. The team recently finished 5-6th in the ESL Meisterschaft: Spring 2020 and fourth in 99Liga Season #14 – Division1. 

.They will now be focusing on upcoming German competitions as well as ESEA Main, after starting in the Open division last season. The managing director of the team Andreas Schaetzke stated that the team was the first German one to reach top 8 at a Major, before BIG and mousesports and added that he is looking forward to the return of this squad. 

The current lineup of Penta will be :

  • Christoph “⁠red⁠” Hinrichs
  • Patrick “⁠pdy⁠” Merken
  • Yannik “⁠neviZ⁠” Baumhöfner
  • Sebastian “⁠xenn⁠” Hoch
  • Andreas “⁠synx⁠” Trapp