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DotA 2 devs respond to coordinator issues happening “at the same time each day”

The Game Coordinator problems have been prevalent for almost three days now, with no solution still in sight.


For the past few days, Dota 2 fans have been afraid of queuing into a game due to the sudden surge of problems in the game coordinator. The extreme load into the Dota 2 servers has been rendering issues in the game coordinator causing troubles for the players.

Many players have also recently reported to have been assessed with an abandon and consequently being moved to the low-priority punishment pool due to the game servers suddenly shutting down. These problems in the Dota 2 game coordinator first started about two days ago, with the devs trying to fix the issue since then.

Soon after the first tweet from Dota 2 the game coordinator started working as usual without any further concerns. However, on the very next day the problem surfaced again. More and more people started complaining about the Dota 2 game servers and an apology from the devs soon followed.

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The next instance of the game coordinator causing troubles happened only a few hours ago. The devs confirmed that the issue has been reoccurring at “the same time each day” and that they’re “working on finding the root cause” for it.

As the devs mentioned, an extreme load has been flooding the Dota 2 servers at a particular time every single day for the last three days. One reason for this load may be the recent introduction of the TI10 Battle Pass. The plethora of new features that the Battle Pass boasts have attracted a lot of people to the game, and depending on the time zones of all the countries there’s a possibility that a good portion of the players have resonated into the servers around the same time everyday.

Regardless, the Dota 2 dev team addressing the issue upfront and reassuring the players that the problem will be fixed soon certainly means that the players of the game can let out a sigh of relief now. It’s very likely that it’s only a matter of hours before the game coordinator gets fixed and players can return to their usual routine of grinding for the Battle Pass.

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