CS:GO exploit allegedly allows wall-hacks without getting caught

A major bug/exploit has been discovered in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive which allows players to see other models through walls without the risk of being banned from the game.

The existence of cheating and hacking has plagued CS:GO over time, the primarily use of wall-hacks and aimbots gave the player an unfair advantage over the fair players.

Some third-party organizers like ESEA and FACEIT have made huge efforts to counter these cheats by using their advanced Anti-cheat, especially when it comes to competitive gaming thanks to the heavy-duty Anti-cheat systems deployed on their servers.

However recently, another exploit has been brought into the spotlight, knew that overrides the anti-cheat and allows player to use “sv_cheats 1” through the in-game console which enables player to see other player models through walls.

The below video was tweeted by the game expert “DonHaci” he shows the working of this exploit on a FACEIT Server.

It’s one of the most critical bug of the game, which allows you to enable “sv_cheats 1” in matchmaking, FACEIT, ESEA and various other servers ingame, “Would recommend not playing until this game-breaking bug has been fixed”

This clip shows how the match kicks off normally, but just when the console is opened and the command “Sv_cheats 1” is prompted, opens the door for hacks to be easily enabled.

According to “DonHaci” this exploit apparently isn’t new, as it turns out various players online have been using it since a while now.

If this is all true, then CSGO Devs and the gaming organizers have a much larger problem then they’ve initially realized.

Fortunately, thanks to the tweet by Haci which bought great amount of attention on various social media platforms allowing the exploit to be patched soon.

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