Astralis edges out Liquid for the last semifinal spot at the StarLadder Berlin CSGO Major

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Astralis are the last team to earn their spot in the semifinals at the StarLadder Berlin CSGO Major.

The map picks went as follows:

  • Astralis banned Mirage
  • Team Liquid banned Train
  • Astralis picked Vertigo
  • Team Liquid picked Overpass
  • Team Liquid banned Nuke
  • Astralis banned Dust 2
  • Inferno is the decider


Vertigo was picked for the first time in the whole Quarter-Final Bo3 Series, Vertigo kicked off with the Pistol round win for Team Liquid, With a great kill by ‘Nitro’ on the defuser Liquid ensured the first round on Vertigo, the following save round by Astralis ensured an easy second round for Liquid. On the following round a quick double kill by ‘Nitro’ and ‘Twistz’ ensured 3-0 for Liquid.

Astralis get their first round on the board with a brilliant 1v2 Clutch by ‘Device’ to get the quad kill that round, Later that half a lot of executes were tried and failed, most of them being on the A-Site of Vertigo. Having taken the economic advantage Astralis  Started to run away with the half, Although with the Late push by Liquid they managed to get closer to Astralis closing the half with the score of 8-7.

A 4v3 Retake on the A-Site gave astralis the pistol round making it 9-7, Astralis easily took the following round and managed to get along with the momentum and win 3 rounds in a row after that. Three kills by ‘Device’ took them to Match Point 15-8, ‘Dupreeh’ contributed with his AWP and managed to get another 3k to help secure the first map of the Bo3 Series. Astralis takes the first map in the Bo3 series 1-0 with the score being 16-8.


Overpass, the pick of the North Americans (Team Liquid). ‘Twistz’ with an amazing 3 kill at the B-site and ‘Stewie’ backing him up with his 2k secured the T-Side pistol round for Team Liquid. Round two went slightly better for Astralis, where “Xyp9x” managed to cause a massive amount of damage to Team Liquid, even though they lost the round due to the C4, they did manage to gun down all the remaining players and cripple their economy. Yet Liquid managed to get out of it and get a lead of 4 rounds. But on the other hand ‘Gla1ve’ showed up his fantastic deagle play as he managed to get a must needed round with his 4k and Astralis managed to get their first round on board.

The Anti-eco round on the Team Liquid side did hurt them a little as it crippled their economy and Astralis managed to even out the score to 5-5, Liquid tried their executes and the rounds went back and forth and on the final round of the first half, ‘Elige’ showed up on top with his insane 1v2 Clutch with 6hp and took his team on a 3 round lead in the first half of the second map in the Bo3 series making it 9-6.

Astralis took the pistol round on the A-site as ‘Dupreeh’ was easily able to shut down the CT retake, Though the following round Liquid came out on top with their armour and upgraded pistol buy making it to double digits 10-7, After losing the Anti-Eco ‘Device’ showed up his amazing skills with the SG553 to win a 1v3 clutch. Astralis showed us why they’re best team in the world by playing their mind games, they found a weakness in Liquid and constantly tried to hit the B-Site and coming out on topmost of the rounds, this gave Astralis a 13-11 lead on the map. Though the crowd loved the string of B executes their opponents didn’t soon the scoreline hit 15-13 and Team Liquid had no choice but to force buy the following round to save their map pick and to take it to overtime. But yet another B hit, this time ‘Device’ managed to get a massive 4k to steal the slot for the Semi-Finals at the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019.

Astralis will be playing against NRG in the Semi-Finals of the Berlin Major, as NRG won 2-0 against Natus Vincere in the matchup earlier.

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