CSGO: Astralis reinstate gla1ve as IGL

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The danish team has made quite an interesting change as Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander will be getting back in action as the In-game leader for the team and will be taking on the responsibilities from his team mate Emil “Magisk” Reif.

Although under Magisk the team was actually doing quite well and won two tournaments and had a top- four finish and he himself put up a great performance with a 1.08 rating over the last six months of play.

After taking a break for a few months, the comeback of the 25 year old has given the team a boost and that was seen in their latest performances.

He also tweeted about how he was feeling after becoming the IGL of the team after a long break.

And yeah its true that I am back as the IGL, but its pretty easy to be IGL when my team is killing it ?

It was nice of Magisk to take over the role for a while, now he can go make edshot ♥️

gla1ve on twitter

It will be quite exciting to see how Astralis performs under his calling and can they still hold on to their successful run as they will be facing the loser of G2-Furia for a place in the playoffs in the DreamHack Masters Winter tournament.

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