Astralis in Game Leader Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander appealed to Valve to unban ex IBUYPOWER pros Josua ‘steel’ Nissan and Braxton ‘Swag’ Pierce, who were banned from competitive CS after admitting to throw a match for skins and money.

The duo were involved in throwing a match in 2014 when they were playing for IBUYPOWER against NetCodeGudes after already having qualified from the group stage.

Since then, a huge cry has been going on across pros and fans to remove the lifetime ban imposed them by Valve- and ESL obliged, lifting it last year to allow them to play their competitions, however other organizers and most importantly Valve have kept the ban, meaning he is sill not eligible to play a major.

“I completely agree,”
“While it was a horrible thing to do, there was no previous precedent set, so to instantly issue a lifetime ban was absolutely appalling,”
replied Mathew “sadokist” Trivett, a popular caster.

Considering how little involvement Valve choose to have with the esports side of things, that seemed extremely harsh