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Apex Legends Exploit is Discovered to Obtain Twitch Prime Loot for Free

Earlier this week, an elementary bug was uncovered wherein players were able to seek access to Apex Legends Loot which is exclusively restricted to Twitch Prime users. Although, people without the subscription are eventually able to acquire loot through a simple ‘jugaad’. The loot comprises of five loot boxes and the Legendary Pathfinder skin.

How to get hold of the exclusives:

  • Open Origin Game Library
  • Access Apex Legends’ Game Properties
  • Head to Advance Launch Options Tab
  • Add “+twitch_prime_linked 1” in Launch Options

Following these easy steps will get you five loot boxes in your inventory and the Legendary Pathfinder skin will be unlocked. Although if you wish to remove the launch option, skin will disappear but the loot boxes will remain intact.

There is no official comment by Electronic Games (EA) on the mishap. There are several speculations that the game developers could take effective measures but in the worst case scenario, user could establish new Origin account because the game itself is free.

The consequences are not revealed yet, however, EA is expected to patch the exploit sooner. Also, since no external software or program is used, EA is expected to be pretty lenient. Terms of service are indeed breached but the developer would not plan to take severe measures over the popular player base.

Bhavya Shah
Bhavya Shahhttp://talkesport.com
Bhavya is an esports enthusiast who's been living video games since boyhood. First-person shooters are his inclinations.


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