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How to Play With Kukri Knife in CS2?

Since its launch, Valve has been pushing updates almost every single day to fix all the bugs and make CS2 more stable. Moreover, all the CS2 esports teams around the world are also preparing for the first major which is set to take place in Copenhagen in March 2024. Apart from that, new skins and cases are expected to be released soon.

Two new knives have been discovered within the CS2 game files – the Kukri and the Twinblade. The latest update, almost nine months after these initial leaks, introduced new skins for the potential Kukri knife, sparking interest among the community​​.

How to try out the new Kukri Knife in CS2?

Curiosity about how to try out the new Kukri knife is natural among gaming enthusiasts. To experience it firsthand, players can start by loading any practice map and selecting the “Infinite Warmup” option.

Once on the map, a sequence of commands needs to be entered: sv_cheats 1, followed by mp_drop_knife_enable true, and finally, subclass_create 526. This sequence allows players to swap their current knife with the Kukri knife for a test run​​.

Kukri Knife Skins

To fully explore the Kukri knife, it’s essential to remember to drop the original knife before entering the final command. The method mentioned will only permit play with the Vanilla version of the Kukri knife. For those eager to try out every knife finish, connecting to a community inspect server is the next step.

This involves a simple process: visit the meckedev skin site, select the Kukri knife and your preferred skin, and then use the generated !gen code in one of the following community servers​​​​:

  • connect
  • connect
  • connect
  • connect

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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