CS2 Major RMR Qualifiers Schedule Announced by PGL

PGL Reveal Dates and Format for CS2 Major RMR Qualifiers

pgl cs2 major

PGL, a premier esports organizer, has just disclosed the schedule for the upcoming PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen RMR qualifiers. These qualifiers, set to commence in January 2024, signify the first major tournament for the new version of Counter-Strike, CS2. This pivotal event in the esports world will witness open qualifiers leading to closed qualifiers across eight distinct regions. Success in these qualifiers provides a route to the three Regional Major Rankings (RMRs) in Europe, America, and Asia​.

PGL Reveal Dates and Format for CS2 Major RMR Qualifiers

The first-ever Major in the CS2 timeline will take place in Copenhagen. Although no specific release date has been given for CS2, it is anticipated to hit the markets by the summer of 2023. This projected timeline suggests that the game will be released significantly before 2024, ensuring that teams have ample opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new gameplay and strategies well in advance of the qualifying rounds​.

Given the early scheduling of the qualifiers in January, it is inferred that teams will need to train intensively through the traditional winter player break. This intensive preparation period will ensure that teams are fully equipped to navigate the challenging competition landscape​.

Schedule for CS2 Major RMR Qualifiers:

The detailed schedule for the qualifiers is as follows:

  • Europe: Open qualifiers (January 8-15), Closed qualifiers (January 18-20), Decider (January 21)
  • North America: Open qualifiers (January 8-11), Closed qualifiers (January 19-21)
  • South America: Open qualifiers (January 8-11), Closed qualifiers (January 19-21)
  • Middle East: South Africa qualifier (January 8-9), GCC qualifier (January 8-9), Rest of Middle East qualifier (January 8-9), Closed qualifiers (January 26-28)
  • China: Open qualifier (January 10-11), Closed qualifier (January 19-21)​​.

Stay tuned for more updates on CS2 and the exciting competitive journey that lies ahead.

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