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Massive Security Exploit Detected Inside CS2

A massive security exploit has been revealed by a credible CS2 content creator who claims that it has the potential to give access to your Steam account remotely, leak the IP Addresses of everyone on the server, and change visual elements in the game.

According to popular CS2 creator Ozzny, the security exploit that many believed to be a hoax is real and he has warned everyone against playing the game until it’s fixed. Perpetrators can alter visual elements inside the game during a live match as well as use an IP logger to get hold of the IP addresses of the players.

He further added that there are speculations that let hackers run code that will eventually lead them to your Steam account and further into your computer leaving you with a lot of exposure.

“Apparently, there is a security exploit with Steam names inside CS2, which allows for people to change visual stuff inside the game with a simple HTML code linking an image. But this is not it, apparently you can also get the IP’s of EVERYONE in the server using this method with the assist of an IP Logger. (Not going to show much or explain how for obvious reasons, but it is very easy)” he said.

“It’s also speculated people could potentially do things like run code on your computer or get access to your Steam account this way. I DID NOT see anyone do this, it’s speculation from people who know much more than me. This should be fixed very fast but what a huge oversight from Valve, maybe it’s better to just not open CS2 while this is not fixed.” he added.

While these were written off as rumors earlier this week, now with someone as credible as Ozzny coming out to warn players about this goes to show that it might be real. Exploiting this security issue will take skill and expertise that not many possess but it might be in your best interest to stay clear of the game for a few days.

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