Cloud9 have announced the removal of Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo from the active lineup, with Yassine ‘Subroza’ Taoufik joining the squad on a trial basis.

Cloud9 recently revamped their roster adding four new players, bringing in daps, mixwell, Kenneth “koosta” Suen, and Tyson “TenZ” Ngo to join the only remaining player from the previous lineup, autimatic.

The roster went through a series of poor performance, without any significant achievements with their new roster. The organization saw a change in the tactical side when Valens moved to the analyst role and James “JamezIRL” Macaulay took over the coaching department.

Cloud9 now have:

  • Timothy “autimatic” Ta
  • Kenneth “koosta” Suen
  • Damian “daps” Steele
  • Oscar “mixwell” CaƱellas
  • Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik (trial)
  • James “JamezIRL” Macaulay (coach)
  • Tyson “TenZ” Ngo (benched)