DreamLeague season 13 will be the second major in this year’s Dota Pro Circuit season (DPC) and is all set to kick off in Leipzig, Germany from 18th-26th January 2020. The Leipzig Major will be hosted by Dreamhack just before the grand finals of DreamLeague season 12 between Alliance and Demon Slayers.

Similar to all majors this season, Leipzig Major will feature 16 teams battling it out to claim 15,000 DPC points as well as a large share from the US$1 Million prize pool. The official schedule has not been released yet but we can expect the group stage to commence on 18th Jan and last till 23rd Jan. The qualifiers will take place at a closed event although all the matches will be live streamed. The main event will be taking place at Leipziger Messe, in front of a massive live crowd on January 24th-26th

The distribution of points and prize money will be as follows:

1st US$300,000 4,850 points
2nd US$160,000 3,000 points
3rd US$110,000 2,100 points
4th US$80,000 1,350 points
5th-6th US$60,000 900 points
7th-8th US$40,000 450 points
9th-12th US$20,000 150 points
12th-16th US$12,500 100 points

The qualifiers for the Major will take place from December 1st-4th where 15 teams, with at least two from each region, will proceed to the Major from the qualifiers, and the last spot will be taken by the winners of the Minor.

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