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BGMI Stars MortaL and Ocean added to College Books

A college named DAV Chandigarh has taken an enthralling step to not only add the names of esports personalities in a book published by them, but also highlight it as a viable career path for their students. This academic institution has mentioned Mortal and Ocean Sharma as successful esports professionals. 

Esports has taken big strides in India in the last five years. The introduction of mobile gaming esports has resulted in an exponential reach of the esports industry in India.

As a result, esports is becoming the new normal with multiple international sports cohorts like Asian Games adding it as a medal event alongside traditional sports. 

This growth has led to esports breaching academic corridors as well with Indian institutions taking big steps to include it in their curriculum. 

A textbook named “Nirmata” from DAV Chandigarh recently included the names of Mortal and Ocean Sharma under a subsection named “Lucrative careers in the field of esports in India.”

This section also included the photos of these famed personalities on the opposite corners of a page.

There have been other examples of esports being extensively inculcated with academia such as colleges planning to build an esports arena for their students and esports being included in textbooks. 

The addition of such write-ups in academic books by colleges will help esports penetrate in a much wider audience with a holistic point of view. This will widen the horizons from just being a spectator to taking on the challenge of pursuing a career in esports. 


Divyesh Moghe
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