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Valorant Chamber Nerfs Coming In Next Patch

In the most recent entry of the State of the Agents blog series, Riot made the announcement that Chamber would be receiving nerfs because, in the opinion of the game’s creators, he possesses “too much strength.”

In the meantime, some other agents, such as Fade, will undergo future modifications, and Cypher might receive an upgrade.

Chamber’s ability to quickly teleport away from any threat while also being able to hold the flank has made him one of the most popular agents in both ranked and professional competition.

Chamber to be hit with nerfs, Fade and Cypher to undergo changes in VALORANT

In Patch 5.03, he took multiple hits to his power, including reductions to the effectiveness of his Trademark, Rendezvous, Tour de Force, and Headhunter abilities.

Due to the fact that Chamber is still dominant in the professional scene, he will be subjected to additional balance changes in the near future. According to RunItBack.gg, Chamber was recognized as being the most well-liked agent at VALORANT Champions, which kicked off on August 31.

At Champions, Fade had a pick rate of 53.85%, making him the second most popular valorant agent overall. Riot could choose to weaken her in some way as a result of the dominating presence she’s maintained in the game ever since it was first released. Riot noted previous modifications to agents like Phoenix increased the duelist’s win percentage.

Cypher has the lowest pick rate among sentinels at 6.92%. There is a possibility that things will alter for him in the future, but Riot did not release any additional information.

Riot stated, “We’re looking closely at Cypher to understand what improvements he might require to find his proper spot on the Sentinel roster.”

Riot has stated that Fade has overperformed in several aspects of the initiator role and that her abilities will be “adjusted” at some point in the future.

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