Arcane League of Legends Series hits 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

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Riot Games, associated with Netflix, dropped their first-ever animated web series, “Arcane” based on their MOBA title “League Of Legends”. Initially announced in October 2019, the fan base and the League of Legends community finally got to witness the game, set in motion as an animated series.

Arcane is scheduled to be revealed in three acts across the month of November with the first already released on November 6 while the rest two parts dropping on the dates 13 and 20 respectively comprising the mid-season premiere followed by the final three episodes. It is indeed a boon for Netflix subscribers while the others might need to sign up for the digital streaming platform.

Reportedly, the League Of Legends based Arcane has been a charm for the show’s developer team as the former has taken everyone by storm including the critics who bestowed a 98% Audience Score, surpassing quite a plethora of other web series on Netflix on the leaderboard. Having such an enormous score that too on Rotten Tomatoes indeed hints towards the show to be a perfect triumph.

Redditor u/profirix applauded the production and their show as “truly ground-breaking” which indeed went beyond his “wildest dreams” Till date, his post on Reddit has attracted over 14 thousand upvotes and 1500 comments. IMDb too pitched in by giving the show a rating of 9.4 out of 10.

“Without going into details to spoil anything for anyone who may not have seen the first three episodes, Arcane went beyond my wildest dreams of what to expect from the first real feature-length cinematic experience. I knew it was going to be good, but this is truly ground-breaking.

I really hope this is the dawn of the League of Legends cinematic universe because this is definitely a champagne cork-popping moment.”

To further commemorate the launch of Arcane, Riot Games have added some confetti by introducing a special battle-pass and collectors set to Valorant, only to be secured during the event. This event will run from November 5-22 and may also require you to connect your Twitch account with that of Valorant.

A free for all battle pass will be soon deployed by Riot into Valorant. It’s been learnt that the special collectors set would have a purple and golden-themed sheriff and would be the only item in the set and does resemble the theme of Jinx, the main protagonist of the Riot’s Netflix series. Epic Games in association with Riot too have shipped a Jinx themed Costume set into Fortnite, made available to be purchased from the in-game store starting November 4.

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