Apex Legends gets disrupted by Hackers

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Respawn Entertainment’s most successful game, Apex Legends – set in the same universe as Titanfall games, was targeted by hackers yesterday. Apex Legends has had over 100 million players during its lifetime, with 330,000+ concurrent players on Steam alone. 

Players who launched Apex Legends were unable to play the game, except for a ‘limited-time event’ mode which diverted the players to a website called savetitanfall.com. The website, set up by disgruntled Titanfall fans, claims that “hacker issues have been at rise. The Titanfall community has been begging Respawn to fix this issue for over three years but to no avail. Today this game is still being sold while being completely unplayable. It’s time we speak up.”   It seems that the hack was clearly intended to spread awareness to the glaring problems with Titanfall.

Titanfall has been a victim of DDoS attacks and is still being sold, despite lacking an active player base. The game has been review-bombed with negative reviews on Steam and the fanbase has been vocal about its unplayability. Although its sequel, Titanfall 2, which was well-received for its creative level design, campaign, and multiplayer, has a modest amount of player base which has steadily grown, especially after its release on Steam.

Respawn has issued a server update, several hours after the issue and stated that “this attack—while disruptive—has not put players’ personal information or accounts at risk. More updates to come as we make progress.”

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