Apex Legends teased Return of Skull Town

Apex Legends Return of Skull Town

The popular map Skull Town had been missing from the Kings Canyon since last year’s season five of the game. However, the fans got excited by a recent tweet from the developers teasing a return of the map.

The Respawn director of communication, Ryan Rigney later confirmed that the patch notes for an incoming update will be coming on June 24. The update might be full of surprises or might even disappoint a few fans.

The return of the map is still not confirmed but the fans are still hoping that with the upcoming event there might be a throwback to an earlier season’s variant of Kings Canyon like the game has already done before. 

Skull Town was a very popular map and one of the favorite spots for fans to drop in Kings Canyon before it was removed off the map by Loba’s attempts to kill Revenant during season five. The fans are hoping that the speculations are true and Skull town returns as a map in the game.

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