How to get floater medal in COD Mobile

how to get diamond camo

COD Mobile has entered into a new season and similar to all other seasonal updates, the developers have added a ton of new things to the game. One of the changes is the seasonal tasks and players have to complete them to unlock new items. Survival of the fittest is one of the seasonal events in COD Mobile Season 4. Players are struggling to complete its second mission to get floater medal and here is how you can complete it.

The seasonal events run throughout one season and award players with new items and tons of XP in the process. The new items and equipment which is added to the game is usually available for free through seasonal events. The survival of the fittest event is offering Clown – Carrion as the reward for clearing second stage.

One of the tasks in this event is getting a floater medal. This medal can be obtained very easily but as some players are confused on how to get it, the task may remain incomplete. You can earn this medal by simply swimming in water bodies in BR mode for more than 500 metres.

Floater medal is awarded to players who float for 500m in Battle Royale mode. This is very easy to do as players can simply enter BR mode and enter the ocean body and swim for some time to complete this task. It will award players with Clown – Carrion camo and tons of XP.

The ultimate reward for completing this event is 6000 credits. These points can be redeemed in credit store where players can unlock different kind of skins and equipment. The entire list of tasks in this event is given below.

  • Survive for 25 minutes in Battle Royale.
  • Earn the Floater Medal once in Battle Royale.
  • Enter the Top 10 in Battle Royale 3 times.
  • Deal 1000 damages in BR matches.
  • Enter the top 10 in Battle Royale 3 times.
  • Enter the top 3 in battle royale once.

The corresponding rewards for completing these stages are as follows:

  • 200 Credits and 1000 Battle Pass XP
  • Clown – Carrion Camo and 2000 Battle Pass XP
  • Scout – Carrion Camo and 3000 Battle Pass XP
  • Ninja – Carrion Camo and 3000 Battle Pass XP
  • Razorback – Iron Hunter and 4000 Battle Pass XP
  • 6000 Credits and 6000 Battle Pass XP

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