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COD Mobile: How to get Ice Axe Overpower skin?

Season 4 – Spurned & Burned of Call of Duty: Mobile introduces new maps, game modes, weapons, and 50 tiers of Season 4 Battle Pass levels, each with their own unique rewards for both Free and Premium Pass tiers. 

One such weapon is the Ice Axe – Overpower which is a Rare free tier weapon rewarded through the game’s Battle Royale section. The secondary weapon has a base damage of 50, 70 accuracy, 10 range &  fire rate, 90 mobility, and 70 control. Players at Pro II rank will automatically receive the weapon camo in their mail under the System Mail section.

How to Rank up in COD Mobile?

While ranking up isn’t necessarily difficult, it can be time-consuming due to higher ranks having extremely skilled players and squads. Here are some tips that will help you rank up faster:

  • Team up with friends

This is easier said than done but is extremely beneficial when it comes to ranked modes as the right teammates can be the key to winning matches, queuing up with random teammates can get quite frustrating, especially if the person on the other end can’t communicate with you. Having a full squad of people you’re familiar with can easily net you a couple of wins, which is enough to rank up in no time.

  • Try the FPP Mode

Generally, people prefer to play in third-person modes, which can give them an advantage when peeking during combat. Playing in FPP can take this advantage away from other players – and from you, which boils it all down to your luck. Just keep practicing until you’re comfortable enough to play in FPP.

  • Experiment with various weapons and loadouts 

In Battle Royale, you don’t really have a choice when it comes to equipping your preferred weapon, which is why it’s best to practice with different guns to make sure you come out on top during firefights. Being exceptionally skilled with multiple weapons can turn a match into your favor, especially if you’re running low on ammo and you equip another weapon either by looting it from an unexplored area or an enemy. Practicing with bots can help a little, by generally practicing against other players will be beneficial in the long run. 

  • Play it safe

Sometimes, rushing into a fight isn’t always the best way to deal with the situation, use your smoke grenades to escape enemies and live to fight another day (or minute). The longer you live, the more XP you gain and since our goal here is to farm as fast as possible, it’s better to avoid fights until you’re forced to defend yourself. This way you’ll not only survive longer, but you’ll also conserve your equipment for the final run.

COD Mobile Ranked 2021 Series 2 ends in July, be sure to follow our tips to rank up fast before the season ends.

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