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How to destroy hiding places in Fortnite?


Fortnite’s new update in season 7 has seen the developers bring out something exciting for the players. This time after bringing out new challenges in the game, they want the players to complete a quest that includes destroying hiding places in the game.

The quest is actually pretty simple, players have to find the hiding places and then destroy them. Rather than a hiding spot like a bush or behind a tree, hiding places in this sense refer to the handful of objects players can interact with to completely conceal themselves.

We have seen quite a few renowned Fortnite Youtubers have found the most efficient place for the players to drop in and this is Pleasant Park. They have even uploaded videos on where exactly to drop and destroy the hiding places. 

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As seen in the video, the players will have to land exactly behind the gas station found in the middle of the eastern edge of the location. You can see a dumpster there which is followed by a port-o-potty just around the corner of the building. 

From there, you can grab a car and head where the welcome signs are placed. There you will find another dumpster against the stone foundation of the blue multi-story house. Once you destroy all three hiding places, the quest will be completed.

There is also an alternate location for the players who want to complete the quest and can’t seem to find the hiding places in Pleasant Park. Players can land at the base camp on the mountain just southwest of Catty Corner. One of the structures there has a trio of port-o-potty’s right next to each other, which can be easily destroyed.

hiding places in Fortnite

The players who complete this quest will be rewarded with 30,000 XP and those who have already completed the standard Fortnite quests can opt to tackle the Pro 100 LTM, one of the modes required to complete some of the latest Cosmic Summer quests.

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