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FaZe’s cryptocurrency drama can be “illegal” says Pokimane

During her latest podcast, Twitch streamer Pokimane and Mizkif got into a discussion about FaZe Clan suspending their content creators over promotion of sketchy cryptocurrency and that it might be “illegal”.

2nd July saw FaZe Clan drop Frazier Khattri aka Kay out of the business side of the organization followed by his brother Jarvis along with suspending a few prominent names likes Teeqo and Nikan for promoting sketchy cryptocurrency. Given the names involved, it did not take much time for it to blow up.

Pokimane in her podcast was very critical of the content creators who were at fault and bashed them for showing off before praising FaZe Clan for their decision.  “Oh no, I made four million instead of seven. Wah wah, goo go ga ga. What about the money that viewers are losing who needed it a f**k ton more than you do!” she said.

In the podcast, she explained that the suspension had more to it than it meets the eye, as something like holds the potential to put FaZe in hot waters with the authorities as she speculates that they might have done something illegal. “If that is not verbatim saying that’s illegal, I don’t know whatever could be,”  she explained.

So far out, Kay is the only member who has been dropped with others held at suspension and not to mention under investigation. Given how FaZe was quick to drop big names, Pokimane and Mizkif for sure might be onto something here.

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