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Apex Legends Bans 2000+ Accounts For Using Exploit

With the start of Apex Legends Season 11, many players have been grinding Ranked mode to reach the “Predator” rank as soon as possible. While most of the players are far from the highest rank, some players have found a way to quickly reach “predator”. 

Recently, a new exploit involving Respawn Beacons was found that allowed players to gain Ranked Points (RP) easily without grinding for days. In order to gain Ranked Points (RP) faster, players in ranked were teaming up with opposing squads and using Replicators to craft Respawn Beacons. These players will then kill each other and respawn multiple times to gain large amounts of RP from kills extremely fast. This allowed players to quickly rank up and skew the Ranked Ladder position. 

Since the exploit became public, the community as a whole called for the developers to take swift action against players abusing the exploits. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Respawn to take notice of this issue and ban those that used the exploit. 

Conor “Hideouts” Ford, responsible for security on Apex Legends tweeted out saying that 2,051 players had been banned from Apex Legends and have been penalized for teaming in Ranked to farm RP off each other. Interestingly, of the 2,051 accounts that had been banned, most were on the PlayStation platform followed by PC players. 

“2,051 users have now been banned for various amounts of time for colluding in ranked matches to trade kills to earn Ranked Points. Ban times are 7-60 days depending on how much they abused this. The breakdown is as follows: 

  • PC: 607 
  • PS4: 859
  • X1: 562
  • Switch: 22”

While the bans are temporary, Conor warned players that the next time they will be banning players permanently. 


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