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Rocket League Sideswipe: Is The Game Down?

Pysonix’s newly launched mobile game, Rocket League Sideswipe has been having some connectivity issues lately. Some players are getting errors when trying to play the game. Since the game is always online, players are stuck in the menu with the “Connection Lost…..Retrying” message without any progress. 

The error has been plaguing almost everyone in the community and players are talking about what the error actually means. If you are getting the error it may mean that your connection with the game servers is spotty or the game servers are offline.  While there is no official way to view if the servers are offline, players in the community have figured out some at-home ways to know the cause. 

1. Check your Internet Connection

The most obvious and the first thing to check is if your connection is working or not. Be sure to check your internet connection by visiting 2-3 websites and checking if the Google Play Store or Apple App Store is working fine. 

If your connection is fine, then proceed to 2nd step.

2.  Check Social Media or use crash detector sites

Always check on Twitter or Reddit if the game servers are experiencing some problems or if the servers are down. On Twitter simply search for tags related to the game for any activity and on Reddit simply check the latest post. 

You can also check websites like Down Detector, Is It Down Or Just Me?, and Is It Down Right Now?

3. Make sure your game is fully updated

In case you are running an older build of the game, the servers will not allow you to get online. Make sure your game is fully updated by simply visiting the store page in the respective store of your mobile OS. 

Both Google Play Store and Apple App Store will automatically check for the latest game build and notify you about any new update. You can also manually check on the store simply by visiting your app library and refreshing the library. 

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