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How to replicate Boomer Mode in Rocket League?

When it comes to Rocket League limited-time events, Boomer mode is known to be the most popular one. It is so popular that even after the event, players replicate it in private matches. Keep reading this article to know how to replicate the Boomer mode in Rocket League.

Best settings for Boomer Mode

  • Preset Settings: Custom
  • Match Length: 5 minutes
  • Max Score: Unlimited
  • Overtime: Unlimited
  • Game Speed: Default
  • Series Length: Unlimited
  • Ball-Type: Default
  • Ball Max Speed: Superfast
  • Ball Physics: Superlight
  • Ball Bounciness: Super High
  • Ball Size: Default
  • Boost Amount: Unlimited
  • Boost Strength: 1X
  • Gravity: Default
  • Rumble: None
  • Respawn Time: 1 second
  • Demolish: Default

Apart from those above settings, you can also change the FOV (Field of View), Stiffness, Camera Shake, Distance, Swivel Speed, and Height to make your gaming experience more customized.

Note: You can’t replicate the way that the ball explodes after getting hit by a player.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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