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Epic Games Pleads Leakers to Not Post Any Chapter 3 Leaks During Fortnite Downtime

Fortnite Chapter 3 update is right around the corner and Epic Games is hoping to keep the content of the upcoming v19.00 update a secret till the release date. 

Recently, Epic Games has requested frequent Fortnite leakers to not post or leak any information about the upcoming Chapter 3 update. Some of the game’s most prominent data miners including HYPEX and ShiinaBR have reported receiving messages from Epic asking them not to leak content during the upcoming downtime, but Epic themselves have leaked details of the update in a TikTok ad. 

A frequent leaker, freddythefox_YT on Twitter posted about getting a Fortnite Ad about the upcoming update. The video ad essentially showcased the island getting wrecked, and then flipping upside down, hinting that Chapter 3 will take us to the underside of the map.

The advert comes after most leakers reported receiving requests from Epic Games to not post any leaks about Chapter 3. The leakers were already in discussions with the devs about how this request could be realistically achieved, but perhaps it’s too late now. 

Most of the Fortnite leaks come from data miners as Epic Games usually includes some information and content about upcoming major updates in earlier patches to prepare the system. Dataminers dig through every update and post/leak about anything new they find out. Most of the time the surprise of a major update is broken as Dataminers always post the most critical information about those updates. 

Since chapter 2 will be ending soon and there will be downtime before the release of chapter 3, we expect to see more leaks about chapter 3. Since Epic themselves is advertising about chapter 3 now, leakers most probably won’t sit idle and will datamine most information beforehand. 


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